Hawaii Construction Forcast

Honolulu, Hawaii.  Construction in Hawaii is a $3.8 billion a year industry,(1)  and the economic forecast for non-residential construction in Hawaii is quite favorable through the end of the decade.(2)  The Hawaii Business Confidence Survey for 2007 sets the employment levels in the construction industry at current level and higher.(3)  Servicing this construction industry are approximately 269 Architectural firms in Hawaii with 174 located in Honolulu.(4)  Through the end of this decade, Hawaii can expect an increase of 540 Architectural and Engineering jobs. (5)

In this economic boon, Hawaii’s architectural firms are finding it difficult to increase their staffing to meet the available work.  Architectural firms here are aggressively recruiting from other markets and from one another.  These recruiting efforts however are not providing the industry with the level of staffing necessary to meet their needs.

Currently (March 2007) there are 86 job opportunities on listed under architect/engineer/CAD jobs.  Many of these employers seek mid to upper-level Project Managers to oversee the production of construction documents while others employers on this list seek lower-level CAD personnel to generate these documents.  The need for project managers and CAD services is widespread throughout Honolulu.

Hawaii CAD could serve the needs of some of these firms by providing high quality production management services and these sorely needed CAD resources.

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